Our spending and accounts

The following detailed information on spending is published as part of the council's commitment to be open and transparent.

Further information and inspecting our accounts

The National Audit Office has published a guidance booklet which summarises your rights to inspect, question and challenge the council's accounts.

Under these arrangements the council issues a public notice to advise when the accounts are available for inspection:

  • A notice of public rights to inspect the accounts and supporting documents is issued when the responsible finance officer has signed and dated the unaudited draft statement of accounts, and confirmed that they are satisfied that it presents a true and fair view of the financial position of the authority at the end of the financial year and that authority's income and expenditure for that financial year. The latest notice is available below and this provides details of inspection rights and dates for the period that lasts 30 days.
  • Following conclusion of the statutory audit another public notice is issued to confirm that the Statement of Accounts is available for inspection. The latest notice is also available below.

For further information about our budgets, financial planning and to see the latest audited statement of accounts please see our council budgets and spending page.

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