Beware the rogue waste carriers

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If you pay someone to take your waste away, make sure you are absolutely certain that it’s being taken away by a licensed waste carrier. Check on the Environment Agency website for a licensed waste carrier, if they are not listed, then the chances are they’re rogue traders.

You are responsible for disposal of your waste

There are a lot of people offering waste collection services on social media who claim to be legitimate. Beware those offering services in community groups.

Be curious, ask questions – any legitimate business will gladly explain these things to you and will be happy to give you all the information you want about how and where your waste will be disposed of. If you don’t do these checks, if you don’t know who is taking your waste and don’t know where it’s ending up, you are the one that could be held responsible if it’s fly-tipped. This is your duty of care.

Make reasonable checks and enquiries about the people you employ. For example:

  • Have you checked if they have a waste carrier’s licence? Are they legitimate?
  • Have they provided you with a written quote?
  • Do you know anything about them other than their first name? Who are they?
  • Do you know where your rubbish is going?
  • Do you believe them?

You are responsible for your waste – if you don’t act responsibly you are the one who could be prosecuted. Don’t be caught out by a rogue traders. Protect yourself, protect our environment.

If you need information on how to get rid of your waste take a look at Household Waste and Recycling Centres (the tip) for information on the waste you can take there, including garden waste. Alternatively, you can sign up for garden waste collection.

Or, for help with choosing a reputable waste carrier, use Check a trade or Buy With Confidence to make a better decision.

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