Local Land Charges - FAQs

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If you have any queries about the Local Land Charges service that you have not found answers to, take a look at our frequently asked questions below. If you still can't find the information you need please contact the Local Land Charges team by emailing locallandcharges@basingstoke.gov.uk or by phoning 01256 844844. Alternatively, you can write to:

Local Land Charges Team
Civic Offices
London Road
RG21 4AH

How many plans of the property are required?

This authority only requires one plan.

What is the current turnaround time for Local Authority Searches?

We currently take an average of 5-7 working days depending upon volume of work.

What is the cost of a basic full Local Land Charges Search?

Our basic full search fee is £169

See a full set of fees.

Are you on the Document Exchange?

No. Please provide your email address as our preference is to email search results.

Which Water Authority should I send my drainage search to?

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council crosses the border of two different water authorities, Thames Water and Southern Water.

My search has revealed an Article Four Direction issued on 16 July 2011, where can I find more details?

Find out by visiting our houses in multiple occupation webpage.

Who should I contact about land ownership?

You should contact the Land Registry Customer Support Team or phone: 0300 006 0411

What are the contact details for Land Charges, as opposed to Local Land Charges?

You should contact the Land Registry Customer Support Team or phone: 0300 006 0411

How can I find out more about Radon Gas?

Find out Radon Gas information on the HPA website

How can I find out more about Flood Plains?

Find out more about flood plains by visiting the Environment Agency webpage.

How can I find out more about Groundwater Protection Zones?

Find out about groundwater protection zones.

How can I obtain a copy of a planning decision or a S106 agreement?

By checking the planning register. If you can not find the one you want please email locallandcharges@basingstoke.gov.uk for assistance.

Recent S106 agreements can be downloaded from the planning register, by searching under the planning application number. The Planning Application Guide provides step by step instructions to finding these documents. Older agreements may not be available but can be obtained by emailing locallandcharges@basingstoke.gov.uk

Alternatively you may visit the council offices and inspect documents. if you wish to print copies a small charge is payable.

How can I find out if the obligations of a S106 agreement have been complied with?

Should you require confirmation of the discharge of a planning obligation, please contact the compliance team by emailing enforcement@basingstoke.gov.uk or by telephoning 01256 844844.

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