The Malls Alencon Link Blue Badge free parking card

This parking scheme allows Blue Badge holders to apply for an entry and exit parking card that will enable them to park for free at The Malls Alencon Link car park only.

Apply for The Malls free parking card for Blue Badge holders

Paper applications are available on request.

You will need a valid Blue Badge to apply. If you do not have a valid Blue Badge you can apply or renew your Blue Badge by visiting the Hampshire County Council website

Receiving your parking card

Applications are processed one week before the Valid From date on your Blue Badge. If you apply before this time, your application will be held until then.

Once processed, you will receive a pass card within 7 to 10 days in the post which will allow access to the car park.

How to use the parking card

Insert your parking card into the machine at the barrier for the barrier to lift. Follow exactly the same process when leaving the car park.

Do not take a ticket otherwise the system will not know you are in the car park and will not open the barrier on exit.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic number plate recognition can be requested on your application if:

  • you have difficulty using the card machine, and
  • you are the only driver of your car.

Only one car per Blue Badge can be registered on the automatic number plate recognition system.

Please allow 5 working days from your request for vehicle recognition to be set up at The Malls.

If you already have an active concessionary parking pass and have a new requirement for automatic number plate recognition please submit an enquiry.

Submit an enquiry about your parking card

Issues with ANPR

The barriers do not always work for number plate recognition, if you experience this issue check:

  • your car is straight as you approach the barrier to enable the camera to read your number plate,
  • your number plate is not dirty, as this may affect the number plate being read.

For ongoing issues, submit an enquiry and we will check that your number plate details have been recorded correctly on our system.

Parking card not working

Submit an enquiry to receive a replacement parking card. A replacement pass will be issued to you within 10 working days.

Lost parking cards

For lost parking cards call 01256 844844 to request a replacement. There is a £5 charge for lost parking cards.

Additional parking cards

  • Only one parking pass can be issued to each Blue Badge holder.
  • The pass can be used with any car as long as the Blue Badge holder is in the car.
  • Re-issuing a pass automatically cancels any other pass. You cannot hold two active parking passes.

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