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The Malls car park, Alencon Link - Decremental Card

The Malls multi-storey car park is a "pay on foot" car park with entry and exit barriers. To use a park card in The Malls, you will need to buy The Malls decremental card. This card can be purchased from the Civic Offices reception or by calling 01256 844844. There is an initial cost of £5.

The Malls card will open the car park barrier on first use. You then need to top up the card using one of the payment machines located in The Malls shopping centre lift lobbies.

Your card will then open the exit barrier and deduct the all-day parking charge from your card on exit. The Malls decremental card is debited with the all-day parking charge each time it is used to open the exit barrier. Multiple use of the card on the same day will result in a charge being applied on each exit. Please refer to our car park charges webpage for more information on charges.

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