Tree Wardens

The Tree Council’s Tree Warden Scheme

The Tree Council launched the Tree Warden Scheme in 1990 and co-ordinates it nationally, working with local authorities, voluntary organisations, parish councils and local partnerships to set up and develop networks.

Tree Wardens are a national force of local volunteers dedicated to their communities’ trees. The Tree Warden Scheme gives people who feel that trees matter an opportunity to:

  • champion their local trees and woods
  • play an active role in protecting and improving them
  • involve their neighbours in tree projects
  • get together with like-minded people for training, field trips and practical activities.

Today there are around 8,000 tree wardens in over 150 local networks throughout the UK. These tree champions work closely with tree officers and conservation bodies, who are key to the scheme’s success. Activities include:

  • planting and caring for trees
  • woodland management
  • setting up tree nurseries using seeds collected locally
  • surveying trees and gathering information about them
  • providing early warning of threats, disease, decay or vandalism
  • leading The Tree Council initiatives, such as its Hedge Tree Campaign to reverse the decline of trees in hedges

The Tree Council works with its member organisations, tree wardens and others for more trees, of the right kind, in the right places; for better care for all trees, of all ages; and to inspire effective action for trees. Its goal is to make trees matter to everyone, and Tree Wardens are key to achieving this.

Friends of The Tree Council

Becoming a Friend of The Tree Council will help to support tree wardens who are a national force of local tree champions and a key part of The Tree Council's community action programme. For further information, take a look at The Tree Council’s webpages on the Tree Warden scheme

Action for local trees

As local tree champions, tree wardens are the eyes and ears of their neighbourhoods. Community involvement is a central aim of the scheme.

Some tree wardens work with local schools or groups, developing projects to encourage others to value the community’s trees and woods.  Many wardens lead guided tree walks, often as part of the national Walk in the Woods Festival which The Tree Council organises each May and give talks to local groups.

Tree wardens help farmers to lay hedges or tag hedge trees. They also encourage local environmental improvement projects and plan tree planting for The Tree Council’s National Tree Week.

How to find out more

New tree wardens are always welcome and the first step for anyone interested in volunteering is to contact the local network co-ordinator, by emailing or by phoning 01256 844844.

Alternatively, you can visit The Tree Council’s website.


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