Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is specially designed housing for older people in clusters of unfurnished self-contained flats or bungalows. It is ideal for people who want to live independently but would like the extra security of a 24-hour alarm service for emergencies.

Some schemes are complexes with communal facilities such as a lounge, laundry, guest room and gardens. Others are groups of bungalows or flats often with a small individual garden. Most have access to some communal and social facilities. Accommodation is available for couples and for single people.

What is sheltered housing

Sheltered housing provides:

  • your own flat or bungalow
  • access to a pull-cord system and intercom system linked to a 24 hour call centre for times of emergency
  • a scheme Manager/Concierge who visits regularly, and works with residents if they need extra help to stay independent in their homes
  • a communal lounge in some schemes. Also social events organised by residents and supported by the Scheme Manager/Concierge
Social rented sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is provided by housing associations. They must ensure their accommodation is allocated to households who are in housing need and who do not have sufficient income, savings or assets to meet this housing need themselves through privately renting or purchasing accommodation. If you have substantial income, savings and/or assets you will need to consider privately renting sheltered housing.

Details of the social rented sheltered schemes in Basingstoke can be found in the social rented sheltered schemes document in the documents section below.

Who can apply for social rented sheltered housing?

You can apply for sheltered housing in Basingstoke and Deane if you:

  • are aged 55 or over
  • live or work in the borough and have done so for a continuous period of two years, up to and including the date of your application
  • have a household income under £50,000 per annum
  • have savings or assets less than £30,000, and
  • are in housing need

If you have a financial or legal interest in a property it is unlikely you would qualify, however a financial check is carried out on a case by case basis to determine eligibility.

Further details of who can apply to the housing register can be found on our website

How to apply

To be considered for socially rented sheltered housing you must first apply to join the ‘housing register’ which is managed by the council.

Our ‘Homebid’ website is where you apply to join the housing register. Once on the Homebid website, click on the ‘Register’ link on the right-hand side to start your application. Applications usually take 20 minutes to complete.

Apply to join the housing register

How we assess your housing needs

The law says reasonable preference should be given to certain groups of people. To be in housing need you must be:

  • of no fixed abode/no legal right to occupy
  • homeless within 56 days
  • accepted Homeless
  • overcrowded
  • sharing facilities with another household
  • an Armed Forces Personnel not in urgent housing need and who is eligible to join the housing register
  • needing to move on welfare/social grounds
  • needing to move on medical/disability grounds
  • needing to move on mental health/disability grounds
  • living in unsuitable accommodation which includes financial hardship, tied accommodation and housing association tenants who are under-occupying
If your application is successful

You will receive a letter by email or post telling you which band you are in on the housing register, the date of your application and the size and type of property you can bid for. The letter details your unique reference number and memorable date password which you use to login to Homebid.

Viewing property adverts and placing a bid

Once you are registered you can view available sheltered housing properties online each week and if you see something suitable you can bid for it. Bidding means 'show an interest in'.

Property adverts are live between 12:01 am on Thursday morning and midnight on Monday. This gives you five days to put your bids on each week. You can place one bid every week. It does not matter when in the cycle you place your bid as it will not impact your final position.

There are four ways in which you, a family member or friend, can place a bid or express your interest every week using Basingstoke Homebid. You can:

  • receive a weekly newsletter in the post and telephone the Housing Team if there is anything you want to place a bid on
  • bid via the website
  • use our automated 24 hour phone hotline
  • send a text message.

If you have requested a weekly newsletter, you should receive this on a Friday or Saturday every week. If you decide to use an alternative method of placing a bid, you can cancel the newsletter at any time.

When you place bids you should look at the listed landlord and the type of support that is offered at that scheme. If you have any questions about the type of support on offer at a specific scheme you should call the landlord directly.

How long will it take to be re-housed

It is not possible to give a timeframe. You can look at recent lets on Homebid to get an estimate of waiting times. This will show you the bands and application dates of applicants who have recently been offered a property. You can increase your chances of being re-housed more quickly by broadening your areas and property types.

If your application is unsuccessful

If you are not eligible to join the housing register a full explanation will be provided either by email or post.

You have the right to request a review of any aspect of your housing application assessment by contacting the housing team online, by telephone or in person within 21 days of receiving your decision.

If you need advice about your housing situation we provide a comprehensive housing options service.

If your circumstances change

You need to amend your application online on Homebid. We may ask you to supply supporting documentation to verify your change of circumstances.

Renewing your application each year

We will contact you every 12 months by web message in Homebid for you to confirm your circumstances are correct. If you do not renew your application, we may close your application.

Private Rent Sheltered housing

Sheltered properties are also available to private rent. Details of the private sheltered schemes in Basingstoke can be found in the private sheltered schemes document in the documents section below.

Elderly Accommodation Counsel has details of Sheltered housing in Hampshire.

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