Street cleaning

Street cleaning operational teams carry out routine works in all areas in Basingstoke town along supporting rural parishes so far as reasonably practical. The work includes:

  • cleaning main parks at least twice per week with high priority parks completed on a daily basis
  • emptying bins at least once a week with frequently used bins such as town centre bins emptied daily
  • mechanical road sweeping, with kerbed streets swept between four and six times per year and hard surfaced footpaths and precincts swept between two and four times per year. Rural villages have a different works schedule due to the logistics with country routes carried out on an ad-hoc basis (due to safety issues)
  • accessible highway paths being swept mechanically four times in a year
  • the clearance of areas of heavy leaf fall between October and December on a regular basis. Leaves on grass areas are normally mulched in order to return nutrients to the ground and to allow environmentally friendly disposal.

Reporting an issue

You can help keep the borough clean and safe by reporting fly-tipping, fly-posting, litter, graffiti, dog fouling and dead animals

Report a street cleaning issue

Abandoned shopping trolleys

Please report abandoned shopping trolleys direct to the retailer. You should clearly identify the issue, specify the location and provide any other relevant information.

Alternatively, you can report an abandoned trolley to Trolleywise which is a professional trolley retrieval service that operates on behalf of most big supermarkets and shops. Find more information on the TrolleyWise website.

Emptying of road gulleys

Report any issues to Hampshire County Council who carry out this work.

Filled bags left by the roadside

Our estate cleaners have collected litter in these and have left them for collection later in the day by our mobile cleansing collection teams. Please contact us if these bags are there for more than 24 hours.

Hazardous litter, such as asbestos and syringes

Please DO NOT disturb the materials. Phone 01256 844844 and an officer will investigate and take action as necessary.

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