End of tenancy

We hope that this is not how your tenancy ends but if does the link below will show you the process you need to follow

Evicting tenants (England and Wales) Section 21 and Section 8 notices - GOV.UK

As an overview:

  • always check your notice period on the tenancy agreement
  • Section 21 - Serving no fault notice to gain possession of the property. Tenants must be provided at least two month’s notice
  • Section 8 - Serving fault notice:
    • get a tenant to take action to get the tenancy on the right track if there has been an issue
    • or notice to gain possession of the property

Serving notice does not mean that the tenant has a legal obligation to leave the property. You will need to follow the eviction process and get a legal termination of the contract.

Call before you serve

This process can be stressful and lengthy as well as costing extra money, so if you notice that your tenant is struggling, not responding or not paying please get in touch with us straightaway. The quicker we sort problems the better it is for everyone.

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If you need some advice about privately renting email the Private Rent team

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