Protected Trees

Some trees in the borough are important, either because of their age or because of their prominence in the landscape. Where these trees are under threat, we can step in to provide legal protection by making a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

We also designate conservation areas for their cultural and heritage importance. In a conservation area, all trees with a trunk diameter greater than 7.5cm, when measured at 1.5m from ground level are protected.

Checking whether a tree is protected

Use our mapping system to find out if a tree is protected.

Please note that the map is not a definitive statement of the existence/non-existence of a TPO. Contact us if you need a confirmation of a TPO.

PDF document Instructions for using our mapping system(PDF) [114 kb]

Carrying out works to a protected tree

Before carrying out work to a protected tree, you will normally need seek permission by completing an application form. There is no fee for making the application.

Application form for tree works

Help with completing your application

You might find the following documents helpful when completing your application:

PDF document Tree work application advice(PDF) [84 kb]

PDF document Example of an application(PDF) [130 kb]

PDF document Additional information template(PDF) [119 kb]

Some works, such as removing a dead tree, or removing dead branches from a live tree do not require an application. However, you do need to advise us beforehand.

Applications for tree works can be found on the planning applications register.


It is a criminal offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage, or destroy a protected tree. The maximum fine in a Magistrate’s Court is £20,000 for each offence and in a Crown Court the fine is unlimited.

Further information

View our tree advice and FAQs webpage.

Request for a new TPO

If you would like to request a new TPO please read the leaflet below and complete an application form.

PDF document Tree protection advice and guidance(PDF) [2 Mb]

PDF document Request for a New Tree Preservation Order(PDF) [135 kb]

TPOs currently under consideration

The Tree Preservation Orders below have recently been made by the council and we are in the process of deciding whether to make them permanent. If the consultation deadline has not yet passed, you may wish to comment by emailing

Reference and title Consultation deadline
TPO/BDB/0681 Land at 29 West Street, Tadley (2021) 24 March 2021
TPO/BDB/0684 Land at Blackstocks Lane, Nately Scures 30 April 2021

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