Electric vehicle charging points

Public electric vehicle charging points

There are a number of electric vehicle charging points in public car parks across the borough.
For information on how to use the charging points, visit the New Motion website.

Feathers Yard, Basingstoke
A dedicated electric vehicle charging car park in Basingstoke town centre with one rapid charger and three dual (six ports) 22 kWh fast chargers. This car park is for charging plug-in vehicles only.

Churchill Way car park, Basingstoke
One 22 kWh fast charger, with type two connectors.
Normal parking charges apply to park in the electric vehicle charging point spaces.

Parklands car park, Basingstoke
One 7 kWh fast charger, with two charging ports.
The car park is open at all times, although from Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm parking is restricted to maximum of 1.5 hours for visitors to the Civic Offices. The public can use the car park from 7pm to 8am weekdays and throughout the weekend.

Festival Place
Electric charging points can be found in the blue section of level five of the Festival Place car park. To charge your vehicle here you will need an RFID card or fob.
For queries regarding the electric vehicle chargers in Festival Place, visit the Festival Place website.

Bell Street car park and The Gill Nethercott Centre, Whitchurch
The chargers at both these sites are 22 kWh chargers and there are two ports for charging two vehicles at the same time.

London Road car park, Overton
One 22 kWh charger with two ports for charging two vehicles at the same time.

Guidance for charging at home

In recognition that the number of residents using electric vehicles is increasing, Hampshire County Council, as local highway authority, has developed some guidance for residents about charging their vehicles at home.
Guidance for residents on charging at home

Project for new on-street chargers

Up to 78 new electric vehicle chargers could be installed in residential areas and on streets across the borough in the summer and autumn later this year, if a bid for government funding is successful.

As part of jointly preparing the bid the council and Hampshire County Council, as local highway authority, have jointly identified 40 different locations for the potential installation of new chargers. This includes in Norden, Brighton Hill, Popley, Eastrop and Grove and Brookvale and Kings Furlong in Basingstoke, as well as in Tadley, Oakley, Sherfield on Loddon and Overton.

These locations already have a suitable power supply near to the road for the chargers to connect to, as well as being in areas with limited off-street parking, within five minutes’ walk of homes and in places where demand is likely to be higher in the near future.

It is likely that a decision will be made by government within six weeks of the funding bid being submitted. If the bid is successful and the project goes ahead, the councils will be able to confirm the final locations, number and types of electric vehicle chargers to be installed.

If funding is secured, where could the new chargers go?

If funding is secured and the project goes ahead, the new chargers could be installed in around 40 different locations across the borough. Around a quarter of the chargers would be fast chargers, with the rest being suitable for charging a vehicle overnight or during the working day.

While the locations could change, the current list of potential locations by ward is below.


  • Bulls Down Close, Sherfield on Loddon – 1 fast
  • Carpenters Close, Sherfield on Loddon – 1 regular

Brighton Hill

  • Brahms Road – 3 regular
  • Schubert Road – 3 regular

Brookvale and Kings Furlong

  • Bounty Road – 1 fast
  • Devonshire Place – 1 fast
  • Southern Road Car Park – 2 fast
  • Budds Close / Winchcombe Road – 1 regular
  • Church Square – 4 regular
  • Deep Lane – 3 regular
  • Flaxfield Road – 2 regular
  • George Road – 3 regular
  • Hamelyn Road – 3 regular
  • Lower Brook Street – 2 regular
  • Mortimer Lane – 1 regular
  • Rayleigh Road – 1 regular
  • Worting Road – 2 regular

Eastrop and Grove

  • Blackwater Close – 1 fast
  • Chequers Road – 1 fast
  • Holbein Close – 3 regular


  • Tile Barn Row, Woolton Hill – 2 fast

Hatch Warren and Beggarwood

  • Hatch Warren – 2 regular

Kempshott and Buckskin

  • Bodmin Close – 1 fast, 1 regular
  • Buckskin Lane – 3 regular


  • Coronation Road – 1 fast
  • Doswell Way – 2 fast
  • Burgess Road – 1 regular
  • Darlington Road – 3 regular
  • Kingsclere Road – 4 regular
  • Norden Close – 1 regular
  • Queen Mary Avenue – 2 regular

Oakley and The Candovers

  • Glebe Close, Dummer – 1 fast
  • Oakley lane, Oakley – 1 fast


  • Abbey Road – 3 regular
  • Carpenters Down – 1 regular

South Ham

  • Kings Road – 3 regular

Tadley and Pamber

  • Burnham Road, Tadley – 3 regular

Whitchurch, Overton and Laverstoke

  • Evingar Road, Whitchurch – 2 fast
  • Winchester Street, Overton – 2 fast
How were the locations for the potential chargers chosen?

A number of criteria were used to select the potential locations for the electric vehicle chargers. These included having chargers:

  • near to an existing suitable power supply that is close to the road for the new chargers to connect to
  • in areas with a limited level of off-street parking, such as driveways, meaning residents often need to park on-street
  • within five minutes’ walk of homes
  • in places where future demand is likely to be higher, based on a technical assessment by our electric vehicle consultants as well as requests from residents in a survey undertaken by the county council.
How can I suggest a location for an on-street electric vehicle charger?

Hampshire County Council, as local highway authority, is responsible for bringing forward new on-street electric vehicle charging points. You can suggest a location for an on-street charger by completing the county council’s on-street electric vehicle charger survey.

The borough council will continue to work with the county council as it leads on bringing forward new electric vehicle charging points on public roads in the future.

When will the government funding decision be made?

It is likely that a decision will be made within six weeks of the bid being submitted to the government’s On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme.

How would the new chargers be managed?

Provided the project goes ahead, the long-term maintenance and management of the new electric vehicle chargers on streets and in residential areas would be the responsibility of Hampshire County Council.

What else is the borough council doing about electric vehicle charging?

The borough council already has a great track record of installing electric vehicle charging points in public car parks, including creating Hampshire’s first publicly owned electric vehicle charging hub at Feather’s Yard in Basingstoke town centre.

Following the submission of the bid for this project, the council will continue to explore the installation of further electric vehicle charging points, including in more rural parts of the borough.

This includes investigating the installation of electric vehicle chargers in suitable car parks, as well as working alongside the county council to bring forward further on-street charging points.

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