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Current and past consultations

We are committed to engaging with local people, organisations and businesses to find out their views on different aspects of the council’s work. This insight helps improve council services and is a key part of making good commercial and policy decisions.

We use different methods to gather people’s views, including surveys, focus groups and public events. Examples of council work that require regular consultation and market research include the Council Plan and annual budget.

Decisions are normally taken by councillors and are based on legislation and guidance, the needs of different groups, council budget available and results from consultations and public engagement activities, where relevant.

Our Consultation, Engagement and Market Research Guidance includes an outline of the type of issues that the council consults on.

Find out more information on other ways you can get involved and how to start a petition.

ConsultationClosing date of consultation
Consultation on the revised Statement of Principles under the Gambling Act 2005.

30-May-2024 17:00
Local Plan Update


Please also refer to our Current Community Plans webpage for more information on local consultations.

For current Planning Policy consultations, please visit our planning policy consultations page.

Past consultations

Consultation titleConsultation endedResults
Sherborne St John Submission Modification (Regulation 16) Neighbourhood Plan 26-Feb-2024
Cliddesden Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 submission consultation 12-Jan-2024
Consultation on Budget Proposals for 2024-2025 04-Jan-2024
Hatch Warren Park play area refurbishment 16-Oct-2023
Mathias Walk play area refurbishment 16-Oct-2023
Moorhams Avenue play area refurbishment 16-Oct-2023
Oakfields Close play area refurbishments 16-Oct-2023
Sinclair Drive play area refurbishments 16-Oct-2023
Proposed Renewal Public Spaces Protection Order (Dog Fouling) 22-Oct-2023 Update on dog fouling PSPO
Environmental Improvements in the Abbey Road area, Popley 18-Sep-2023 Update to the Abbey Road ENR consultation
Consultation on budget for 2023/24 02-Jan-2023
Draft Council Plan 2023 to 2027 02-Jan-2023 Council Plan 2023 to 2027
Sibelius Close Play Area Refurbishment Consultation 18-Nov-2022 Play area refurbishment completed.
Lennon Way Play Area Refurbishment Consultation 18-Nov-2022 Play area refurbishment completed.
Whiteditch Public Open Space Consultation 18-Sep-2022 Update to Whiteditch Public Open Space
Consultation on East Woodhay Neighbourhood Plan 05-Sep-2022 Update on East Woodhay Neighbourhood Plan
The Lime Pits Play Area Refurbishment 24-Jul-2022 Update to Lime Pits Play Area Refurbishments
North Waltham Review 15-Jul-2022 Update on North Waltham Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan
East Basingstoke Natural Environment Management Plan Consultation 08-Jul-2022

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