Bins and recycling collections

We offer kerbside waste and recycling for most household items. You can also recycle or dispose of many household items, garden waste and building material at the Household Waste Recycling Centre (the tip).

Your bin needs to be presented by 6am (May to August) and 7am (September to April) on collection day.

Check your collection day

What to put in your bins

Display your property name/number on your bin. We can send you stickers for your bins.

General waste bin (black/grey)

Only use your general waste bin for anything that can’t be put in your recycling containers. Your household waste should be placed in bags and put inside the bin with the lid closed. We do not collect extra bags on top of or near your bin.

Please do not put the following in your general waste bin:

If you live in a flat/maisonette and share waste and recycling bins, you will have a communal bin for waste, which will be emptied every week.

Recycling bin (green)

Recycling must be clean, dry and loose in your bin and not in any type of plastic bag. Only use your recycling bin for:

  • paper and cardboard (no shredded paper, gift wrap or yellow pages)
  • plastic bottles (no other plastic)
  • cans and tins
  • aerosols

For large cardboard boxes that won’t fit in your recycling bin please flatten them and put it next to your recycling bin in dry weather (max size 1m x 1m) or recycle them at the tip.

If you live in a flat/maisonette and share waste and recycling bins, you will have a communal bin for recycling, which will be emptied every fortnight on the same day as the recycling bins.

Glass box (green) or bin (red)

Empty, rinse and dry all glass bottles and jars and place lids back on. Please do not use for drinking glasses, light bulbs, pyrex, broken glass and other similar items (please wrap these items and place in your black/grey bin).

Please do not over fill your box, it causes dangerous spillages and becomes too heavy for our crews to empty safely.

If you live in a flat/maisonette and share waste and recycling bins, you will have a communal bin for glass, which will be emptied on the same day as the recycling bins.

Find out more about your glass recycling

Garden waste sacks or bin (brown)

We collect garden waste as a paid for subscription service. There are 25 fortnightly collections of garden waste per year.

Find out more about garden waste

Healthcare sacks (orange) or sharps box (yellow)

This is a free service to collect clinical waste and sharp instruments (for example scalpels and needles) and dispose of these safely. Healthcare waste must not be put in with normal household waste, however incontinence waste and babies nappies can be double bagged and placed in your general waste bin (black/grey).

The service can be used with weekly collections or ad-hoc collections depending on the waste type.

Your GP or other healthcare professional will have a Clinical Waste Referral Form which they must submit to us and then we will contact you to let you know what to do.

If you do not have enough space in your waste bin due to incontinence waste please fill in an additional capacity form as you may be entitled to use an extra bin.

If you would like to book a collection, and you have provided an approved healthcare waste referral form, please contact us using the form link below.

Book a clinical waste collection

Help taking out your bins

We provide a free assisted bin collection service if you need help.

Apply for an assisted bin collection

Apply for a larger general waste bin

If your household is making every effort to reduce waste and you are recycling everything you can, you can apply for a larger, or a second, black/grey waste bin if you need extra capacity.

Apply for a larger waste bin

What happens to your waste and recycling

After collection, all waste from Basingstoke and Deane is taken to the Chineham Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) and recycling is taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where it is sorted.

Find out what happens to your waste and recycling after it has been collected

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