Other Planning Policy Guidance

New Housing in the Countryside Guidance Note

The council has produced a guidance note in relation to criterion (e) of Policy SS6 of the Adopted Local Plan 2011-2029 (ALP). The guidance note provides further information on how the Policy should be applied to planning applications and can be viewed below:

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Marketing guidance notes

In some cases, the Local Plan requires applicants to carry out a marketing exercise of a property/site to determine whether there is a demand for an existing use.

This guidance note sets out what is expected from an applicant when they are undertaking a marketing exercise, and the minimum standard of information that should be provided as part of any submission.

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Historic Environment guidance

The following guidance has been produced and adopted by the council to guide development affecting heritage assets.

For further information on any of the subjects covered please contact a member of the Conservation Team by emailing development.control@basingstoke.gov.uk or by phoning 01256 844844. Alternatively please visit the Building Conservation webpages.

The council is in the process of producing revised guidance relating to the historic environment, but the following documents are the most up-to-date published advice.

The Historic Environment: Listed Buildings

The council adopted this document as SPG in 2003, to provide advice on the maintenance and alteration of listed buildings. The SPG also provides guidance on the law and listed buildings, and on how to apply for Listed Building Consent.

The Historic Environment: Conservation Areas

This document provides general advice on the preservation and enhancement of conservation areas.

If you have any queries about conservation areas, or would like to discuss proposals within one of the borough's existing Conservation Areas, please contact a member of the Conservation Team or visit the Conservation areas webpage.

If you would like advice regarding trees in conservation areas, please contact one of the Tree Officers in the Natural Environment Team by emailing customer.service@basingstoke.gov.uk or by phoning 01256 844844. Alternatively please visit the Trees webpage.

Conservation Area Appraisals

The council has produced a Conservation Area Appraisal for each conservation area in the borough.

These documents and their associated appraisal maps can all be downloaded from the Conservation Area Appraisals webpage.

The conservation areas are being re-appraised on a rolling basis, with new appraisals added to the above webpage.

Historic environment information leaflets

The following leaflets provide guidance on listed buildings and conservation areas.

The Historic Environment - Listed Buildings (PDF) [761 kb]

Information required as part of a Listed Building Consent application (PDF) [4Mb]

Listed Buildings: A guide to the law 2004

Listed buildings - a guide to the law (PDF)

This leaflet provides general guidance on the legislation that protects listed buildings, including information required as part of a Listed Building Consent application. The leaflet is useful to anyone who is applying for Listed Building Consent to carry out works to a listed building. It also contains guidance for prospective purchasers of listed buildings.

Planning controls in Conservation Areas (2015)

Planning controls in Conservation Areas (PDF) [331 kb]

This leaflet provides general guidance and advice for the special planning controls that exist in conservation areas under the current legislation. Please note that the legislation can change, which may affect the accuracy of these documents.

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Landscape and Natural Environment

The council is currently producing a new Landscape, Biodiversity and Trees Supplementary Planning Document which will address how these considerations should inform new development and an updated Green Infrastructure Strategy that will inform the detailed implementation of Local Plan Policy EM5 (Green Infrastructure).

The council has produced a Countryside Design Summary which explains the design relationship between the borough's landscape, settlement patterns and buildings.

Countryside design summary (PDF) [3Mb]

Further guidance documents about the natural environment are available to view on the Natural Environment webpage.

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